Filthy Dreams’ Tricks n’ Treats!! HALLOWREEN Playlist

MACBETH by William Shakespeare

“Come you spirits / That tend on mortal thoughts / Unsex me here, / And fill me from the crown to the topful / Of direst cruelty.” (Lady Macbeth)

Boo!! It’s time for another round of our annual HALLOWREEN music playlist! While prior installments were framed around campy Dracula, Frankenstein, and UFO themes, this year, baby, we’ve gone psycho! PSYCHO-SEXUAL, that is!! In a world where (female) bodies are consumed and then discarded like doll parts, we have decided to call upon the spirits, the whores, the witches, and the seers to guide us away from the lambs who are always forever screaming.

“(scream) what

          (scream) how

                    (scream) what in the world

                              is this (scream) strange

                                                           new (scream)

big as the house

evil in the house

who can lift it who can heal it

help is a world away” (Kassandra’s Cry)

Who can lift it? Could it be Jimmy Swaggart crooning about Jesus? Could it be Courtney Love prophesying that “someday you will ache like I ache”? Could it be Dr. Frank-n-furter spreading some MUSTARD all over your HOT DOG?! OOOO-oooOOOHHH!!! She made my blood run COLD!

So strap on your dildo and get to screwing your courage into the sticking place, kiddos! Oh, poor Mary Bellows! It’s a cruel, cruel world, and we’ve got your music playlist to take you straight to HELL!


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